Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Wednesday, January 16 2008 schedule so far

It's my sister Tammy's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Tammy.

For those of you who visit my web page regularly, you've probably noticed I've been mysteriously absent. I had a terrible cold. Actually, it started out as the flu and morphed into a cold. All this went on in the last two weeks of a book deadline. LOL.

There's nothing like being sick as a dog when you HAVE TO work. It wasn't pretty and/or fun.

But I'm back now. Feeling pretty darned good. Very pleased with the last book I submitted to the UK editors for Harlequin Romance. It's a Christmas story about forgiveness. Proably one of the best things I've ever written. So, see. Being sick doens't have to hinder you. LOL!

I have also been looking at my calendar to see what I scheduled for myself last year when I felt I could do anything.

Here's what I have going on this year:

Right now I'm doing an online workshop for the Low Country RWA chapter on plot points. It's been a lot of fun and the group is fabulous. Some very smart, savy writers!

Sunday 2/10 I'm doing an online chat on

In May I'm doing an all day workshop for Pennwriters. You have to go to for information on this. It's an intense one-day thing and we're only allowing 15 people to attend. It's pricy, but, seriously, it's absolutely going to be worth it.

In June I'm in Philly for the Philadelphia conference. When I finish up, I'm on my way to the beach with my family. Tons of fun!

June 29 9-12:00 I'm doing a special presentation for Seton Hill's Masters in Contemporary Fiction program.

In August, I'm doing an online workshop for WRWADC. The DC chapter of Romance Writers of America. The workshop I'm presenting is CAN THIS MANUSCRIPT BE SAVED. This is my most popular workshop. It's also the one I get the most feedback on from authors. So if you're a lover of online workshops, as I am (right now I'm doing April Kilstrom's Book in A Week and it's FABULOUS!) then CAN THIS MANUSCRIPT BE SAVED from WRWADC might be for you!

August 1, I'm doing a chat for Kim Watters on (I think) Cheaper than Therapy (catchy name).

That's all the farther I've scheduled. I'm not going to Nationals this year. But I will probably be adding conferences and workshops for the fall.

Most likely, New Jersey's chapter conference in October.

It's going to be a fun year. Not as busy as normal as far as travel, but that's partially because I'm writing an extra book or two this year.

Tune in later for details!


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