Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Do It!

Televangelist Joyce Meyer tells a great story about a woman who had attended many of Joyce's workshops without success and she was ... annoyed. :) One weekend she found herself having lunch with some of the other workshop attendees. The chatter floated around her as one woman after another said, "Well, I tried this and it was wonderful." Or "I tried her Battlefield of the Mind techniques and I totally changed my life." Or "I memorized the quotes she used and nothing's been the same."

The woman paused, chagrinned. She'd 'HEARD' all of the messages, but never actually done the work.

My writing life changed completely when I began applying the techniques I found in how-to-write books and workshops. It especially changed when I began taking those techniques and making them fit my work, or when I expanded them to fit my writing style.

You can come to this blog every Monday morning and your work won't change unless you try some of these things. You know I'm a fan of the STORYBOARD. :) Try one some time.

Or...Better yet...Try out the one-paragraph story summaries. Know your idea, the core, the heart, what's going to make readers laugh or cry BEFORE you start writing the book...know how to direct your idea, order your chapters and the flow of information. Know what makes your book compelling and you'll not only do less rewriting, but also you'll write a wonderful book.

Where do you find these gems...Read the archives of this blog. :)

Don't be like Joyce Meyer's workshop attendee who went to every conference and never changed. Actually try the tricks and you'll be one of the people at the lunch table happily testifying that this stuff works...If you use it! LOL

Happy Monday...Happy Labor Day for those of us in the US...Go have a picnic. :)


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