Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear Readers -- Starting the New Year Right

I had a great 2013. Great. It had been so long since I had a great year (not just good...not just tolerable, but great), that it was almost impossible to process it.

But on December 31, when I evaluated the year, I realized that in spite of all the greatness, I'd done some things wrong.  For one, my closets were filled to the brim with clothes that didn't fit me. LOL

I have at least three sizes of clothes that I bought as I put on weight. I may lose that weight this year (hoping to!) but, even so, I don't need this much clothes. So on January 2, I closet cleaned. So many of the things I don't need can be put to good use by people working in offices.

Now, my closets are cleaned and my excess clothing is at Good Will!

I also hadn't cleaned my office in months. I have found that the clutter in my office is directly proportionate to how cluttered my mind is. :) So, on January 3, once I began sorting through the extra papers, requests for things, old bills that needed input into the accounting system, my head cleared. LOL It became easier for me to decide which projects I wanted to work on in 2014.

I don't have a good schedule. This one isn't past tense because I haven't yet worked out what I want to do. But, to lose weight, I need to get to the gym for an hour every day. To keep my son happy, I need to spend time playing games with him every day. I need at least 4 hours per day for writing. And I want to read more. 2013 was a bad year for me and reading and I missed it! I need at least an hour a day to get through the 300 books in my Kindle! LOL

Somehow I have to juggle those until I come up with the perfect formula.

Now that my closets are cleaned and my office is decent, that's my ongoing project. Making my schedule work.

How about you? I'm not a fan of resolutions for New Years, but I do think we all know in our guts what we should fix or change. So what are your new years projects? Any ongoing things?

Happy Reading...

susan meier

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