Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8 Writer Post

As you read this, I'm probably just getting out of my car, lugging a suitcase, sporting a reddish brown tan and wishing it was last Monday and I was heading for the beach instead of returning!

So...I don't have a post. In fact, I wrote "this" post two weeks ago...and scheduled it! Because though I don't have a post, I do have a new ezine. It went up August 1. I didn't have time to announce it, so it's fresh.

If you're looking for writerly wisdom, the thing has the next lesson in THE POWER OF QUESTIONS workshop for writers.

So click on Susan's ezine. If it leads you to the signup sheet...ignore that (unless you want to sign up). Just keep clicking till you get to the ezine!

Or this link should work...

susan (the tan and rested, who wishes she LIVED at the beach)

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