Wednesday, October 10, 2007


As I've mentioned, I'm giving an online workshop on the Motivated Writer loop this month. The topic is goals.

I chose this topic because I had a difficult year and bascially accomplished nothing. LOL.

So I really want to get back to things in 2008. Get more done.

But... I don't just want to get "anything" done. I want to get the right things done. Things I really want.

A few lessons back, we discussed what we really want. I was surprised to discover that I wanted the thrill of accomplishment again.

I've been pondering this. I'm not entirely sure what the thrill of accomplishment is for me. It may simply be a matter of pleasing my editors a little more often than I do.


All for now. But think about this for yourself. If someone asked, What constitutes the thrill of accomplishment for you...How would you answer?

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