Friday, January 28, 2011

Long time no write!

Sorry about the lapse in blogging. I had bronchitis. Antibiotics took care of it, but I needed a week of rest. Then I needed this week to catch up.

But here I am. Better.

This week I had a lot of fun. I was notified that the workshop I submitted was accepted for Romance Writers of America's yearly conference! In New York! Seriously, could I get any luckier...

Well, yeah. Because today my editor told me that she's flying over from London to attend the conference, so I will get to meet her.

Too cool.

Then I got my roots dyed. That's a happy moment in Susan Meier World. I got copies of a book that went to a foreign country. I don't know which one because ... well, I don't read whatever language that is.

My son ordered pizza (those of you who read the pinching panties story from January 15, don't panic. I didn't eat much pizza!).

So it's been a great day. And the weekend promises to be even better. Tomorrow I finish the revisions to the outline for the Christmas I can pick up where I left off on Monday and dive into a really fun, really wonderful Christmas story.

Sunday, I'm back on Gino's story, which will go up on my website around April 15, a week or so after the release of THE BABY PROJECT. The baby from the first book in the BABIES IN THE BOARD ROOM SERIES, Gino Andreas, might have been raised in the lap of luxury by BABY PROJECT hero and heroine Darius and Whitney, but when he turns thirty, he finds himself falling in love with a girl who spent most of her childhood in foster care. They couldn't be more mismatched...and he's on the verge of getting his heart broken.

It'll be a great weekend for me. Some reading (Rita contest entries have arrived for judging). Lots of writing. And hopefully some time on the treadmill!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Real Key to Weight Loss

I've found it! Thank God. The real key to weight loss. In the past few years I've put on 20 pounds in addition to the extra 20 pounds I already had, so I was desperately seeking a way to lose weight and keep it off.

Last year I managed to lose 17 pounds but I somehow put it all back on again. Being sick since December some time, I haven't been able to diet and as of today I was actually afraid to get on the scale.

Then it happened...

I woke up this morning and fumbled in my panty drawer for ... well, the obvious...because I couldn't turn on the light and it was dark in my room. I felt what I thought were my regular undies, but when I put them on I realized they were panties from a few years back. I knew this even without seeing them because they were too tight.

But...they weren't so tight that I couldn't wear them. And I was in too much of a hurry to get downstairs and make coffee. So I pulled pajama pants on over them, slid into a T-shirt and began my day.

Interstingly, though, when I went to make myself peanut butter toast my panties sort of pinched. I put the bread back in the bag and grabbed a banana.

At lunch I nearly made egg salad, but my panties pinched again and I settled for two hard boiled eggs instead. No mayo. No bread.


I got on the treadmill and did my usual mile, but my panties tweaked a bit and I forced myself to go another twenty minutes...another mile.

By then I was intrigued.

When I'd gained my last 20 pounds, I bought a pack of temporary undies, telling myself that as soon as I lost the weight I'd toss them. But I never did -- lose the weight or toss the undies. Instead I bought another pack.

It seemed like the right thing to do, but now I wonder if I wasn't just an enabler. By buying bigger panties, had I made it okay to eat Suzy-Q's and drink beer? By stopping that nice, tight little bunch that pinched my round, womanly hips and reminded me I didn't need peanut butter...or mayo...or bread ... had I given myself permission to gain weight?

So I'm considering tossing all my clothes that fit, and forcing myself into jeans that won't zip and T-shirts that almost constrict my breathing.

Of course, I could just stay with the too tight undies. A secret, silent reminder that no, I do not need peanut butter.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 1 11 11

I'm now knee deep in my new contract, but also on my way to the doctors because I think my cold wasn't really a cold at all but a sinus infection!

It's slowing me down on the new series I'm plotting for Harlequin Romance. True, plotting isn't as labor intensive as actually writing a book, but I'm eager to get things done!

Especially since this series promises to be a humdinger. I've created three heroes, Trent, Max and Chance. All of whom aren't just yummy...they're sexily real. LOL!

The infection has also all but canceled my on-the-job training for Hospice. I want to get my training finished so I can actually do the job, but it's never wise for a sick person to inflict herself on people.

So I've been home crocheting and watching TV. The bad news is I'm not getting done the things I want to get done. The good news is I have about 1/2 an afghan and I'm really beginning to get into the Gilmore Girls! I may have to buy the CDs.

Hope all of your weeks are going better than mine is!

Wish me well at the doctor.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know we're already a week into things but it's been a heck of a busy week. I started a Christmas book for this November, but I also have a cold that sort of comes and goes. Some days I feel good. Others I'm miserable.

So one day I diet. The next I don't.

I'm hoping for better things next week!

But the reason I'm blogging tonight is to remind you that the HAPPILY EVER AFTER and WHAT CAME BEFORE tabs of the website now have stories! I really hated leaving favorite characters behind, so I began writing stories that sort of finish up the tales...or in the WHAT CAME BEFORE case, talk about something relevant. A BABY BENEATH THE TREE, which was in the FAIRYTALE ANTHOLOGY, really had a great history and I couldn't resist telling a story about Sunny and Max Peabody's beginnings at the Christmas Tree Farm. Then there was Brody...Drew's sixteen-year-old son. I could picture him grown up and couldn't resist writing a story.

So click on the tabs and enjoy reading a bit of what came before and the Happily Ever After for Brody!

In March, a prologue for my April release THE BABY PROJECT will post in the WHAT CAME BEFORE SEGMENT. In May, a Happily Ever After will post for this book, as well as a WHAT CAME BEFORE segment for the May book, SECOND CHANCE BABY. In June, a Happily Ever After will post for the May book, as well as a What Came Before for the June book A BABY ON THE RANCH. Then in July, a Happily Ever After will post for that book.

I think this could be a lot of fun for both me and readers. Lord knows, I've enjoyed getting to spend mroe time with these beloved characters.

So stop back. Read the What Came Befores and the Happily Ever Afters and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Above is the link for the Story, Theme and Vehicle workshop I'm doing in February.

This is the only time this year I will be doing this workshop. Plus, there are only two other online workshops scheduled this year. I'm writing four books this year and a lot of short stories and content for my website, so I had to scale back on something.

So join me! This is a fun workshop, filled will information about coming up with a story and assuring that you have enough material for a story.

It's always fun.


PS...if you're curious about the other workshops and dates I'm doing CAN THIS MANUSCRIPT BE SAVED in April for the Star chapter...Southern Tier Authors of Romance in New York. A series of articles for Savvy Authors on how to write a Series for Category romance appearing April, May and June and a 4-week workshop for Pennwriters in October PREPARING FOR NANO.

And that's it! If you want to attend one of my workshops this year, you need to hustle! LOL