Friday, January 28, 2011

Long time no write!

Sorry about the lapse in blogging. I had bronchitis. Antibiotics took care of it, but I needed a week of rest. Then I needed this week to catch up.

But here I am. Better.

This week I had a lot of fun. I was notified that the workshop I submitted was accepted for Romance Writers of America's yearly conference! In New York! Seriously, could I get any luckier...

Well, yeah. Because today my editor told me that she's flying over from London to attend the conference, so I will get to meet her.

Too cool.

Then I got my roots dyed. That's a happy moment in Susan Meier World. I got copies of a book that went to a foreign country. I don't know which one because ... well, I don't read whatever language that is.

My son ordered pizza (those of you who read the pinching panties story from January 15, don't panic. I didn't eat much pizza!).

So it's been a great day. And the weekend promises to be even better. Tomorrow I finish the revisions to the outline for the Christmas I can pick up where I left off on Monday and dive into a really fun, really wonderful Christmas story.

Sunday, I'm back on Gino's story, which will go up on my website around April 15, a week or so after the release of THE BABY PROJECT. The baby from the first book in the BABIES IN THE BOARD ROOM SERIES, Gino Andreas, might have been raised in the lap of luxury by BABY PROJECT hero and heroine Darius and Whitney, but when he turns thirty, he finds himself falling in love with a girl who spent most of her childhood in foster care. They couldn't be more mismatched...and he's on the verge of getting his heart broken.

It'll be a great weekend for me. Some reading (Rita contest entries have arrived for judging). Lots of writing. And hopefully some time on the treadmill!


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