Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 1 11 11

I'm now knee deep in my new contract, but also on my way to the doctors because I think my cold wasn't really a cold at all but a sinus infection!

It's slowing me down on the new series I'm plotting for Harlequin Romance. True, plotting isn't as labor intensive as actually writing a book, but I'm eager to get things done!

Especially since this series promises to be a humdinger. I've created three heroes, Trent, Max and Chance. All of whom aren't just yummy...they're sexily real. LOL!

The infection has also all but canceled my on-the-job training for Hospice. I want to get my training finished so I can actually do the job, but it's never wise for a sick person to inflict herself on people.

So I've been home crocheting and watching TV. The bad news is I'm not getting done the things I want to get done. The good news is I have about 1/2 an afghan and I'm really beginning to get into the Gilmore Girls! I may have to buy the CDs.

Hope all of your weeks are going better than mine is!

Wish me well at the doctor.


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