Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know we're already a week into things but it's been a heck of a busy week. I started a Christmas book for this November, but I also have a cold that sort of comes and goes. Some days I feel good. Others I'm miserable.

So one day I diet. The next I don't.

I'm hoping for better things next week!

But the reason I'm blogging tonight is to remind you that the HAPPILY EVER AFTER and WHAT CAME BEFORE tabs of the website now have stories! I really hated leaving favorite characters behind, so I began writing stories that sort of finish up the tales...or in the WHAT CAME BEFORE case, talk about something relevant. A BABY BENEATH THE TREE, which was in the FAIRYTALE ANTHOLOGY, really had a great history and I couldn't resist telling a story about Sunny and Max Peabody's beginnings at the Christmas Tree Farm. Then there was Brody...Drew's sixteen-year-old son. I could picture him grown up and couldn't resist writing a story.

So click on the tabs and enjoy reading a bit of what came before and the Happily Ever After for Brody!

In March, a prologue for my April release THE BABY PROJECT will post in the WHAT CAME BEFORE SEGMENT. In May, a Happily Ever After will post for this book, as well as a WHAT CAME BEFORE segment for the May book, SECOND CHANCE BABY. In June, a Happily Ever After will post for the May book, as well as a What Came Before for the June book A BABY ON THE RANCH. Then in July, a Happily Ever After will post for that book.

I think this could be a lot of fun for both me and readers. Lord knows, I've enjoyed getting to spend mroe time with these beloved characters.

So stop back. Read the What Came Befores and the Happily Ever Afters and let me know what you think!

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