Thursday, January 1, 2009

Women Rule the World~Intro

Women have always ruled the world through the subtle process of example, as mothers, teachers, caring neighbors and just plain people who come into view every time we step outside our front doors. How we look, how we act, how we eat, how we dress, who we love, who we hate, how we express (or choose not to express) our love and/or hate affects the people around us. Teaches them. Impacts them.

We listen to official leaders -- presidents, governors, congressmen, mayors even policemen -- through laws. But we're constantly observing our friends, neighbors, coworkers, church mates, families, etc., looking for direction. And even though it appears our kids are only watching Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jon Stewart, the truth is when they actually settle into their adult lives, they mimic the lifestyle they've seen others around them live.

Or choose to live exactly the opposite lifestyle of what they've lived, which, in some cases, is a very good choice.

What's the saying? Your life is either a good example or a dire warning!
With such a great responsibility, you would think we'd all live a little more carefully. I believe we don't because days, hours, and minutes all seem so fleeting. Some of our decisions are made on the fly. We barely have time to think of how they impact our own lives, let alone how they'll impact the lives of those around us.

Lots of "self-help" pundits propound the theory that because life "comes at you fast" you need a plan. Not a picture perfect plan of how things "should" go, because we all know surprises and life don't work that way. But a background knowledge of sorts. Something that you can reach for to help you make decisions. A code, if you will.

For instance, this year I decided I MUST lose weight. I took two months and analyzed why I had gained so much weight, analyzing my eating patterns and eating traps but also looking for what would work for me. Now, I have a system in place that sort of protects me. It gives me boundaries for how to eat and how to get the maximum amount of exercise for my age, health and time limitations.

As I did this I realized we could analyze the dynamics of all the different roles women play and probably come up with some basic background codes that would hold us in good stead!

So I decided to take the months of January and February, look at the different facets/roles of women and just talk about them, examine them, kick them around to see if we can't take some of the mystery out of things.

And maybe come up with some of those "codes" we could all reach for when life comes at us fast!


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Denise said...

Susan, what a great topic! I'm looking forward to following your blog.