Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back from the RWA National Conference

Well, I'm back and I seriously don't even know where to begin to tell you about it. The literacy book signing was fun and I got to see my friend Elizabeth who drove down from Lancaster to get some books. She's one of my favorite people so it was great to see her!

The real highlight of the conference for me was the tour of the Washington Post arranged by the London Editors. I never thought I'd be the kind to be impressed by a tour of what is essentially a business, but the choice of front pages hung as art work on the walls basically was a history of the United States. We met a Pulitzer Prize winner and sat in on an editorial meeting. Very cool.

We also had a chance to speak with Kim Young, our senior editor, in a more informal setting. Even the ride on the Metro and the giant, scary-steep escalator to the Metro was fun.

Kim and I discussed some potential future projects, so readers may be in for some real treats in 2011!

The Harlequin signing on Friday was a trip! Imagine giving away a hundred books? No one tells you "No. Please don't give me a free book!" LOL And everybody had a great story to tell either about one of my past books or one of my workshops.

I met some wonderful people!

The Harlequin party was, as always, amazing. Great gin and tonics! LOL Fun dancing. And an opportunity to see some friends whom I kept missing in the press of the crowds in the conference hotel.

Sadly, the second highlight of the week for me was sitting at the hotel pool. LOL. I attended Kim and Sheila's workshops, but really decided to order the tapes on any other workshop I might want to hear. LOL

Why did I waste somuch time at the pool? Because I don't have a pool. I've wanted one my entire life but my husband is ... well, not really against it, but not really a fan of the idea. Frankly, a trip to the beach usually shuts me up when I'm begging for a pool. So I think he might think that not getting me one is win/win. (He's a beach fan too.)

Anyway, that was why the pool called to me. I read a Cindy Girard book under the shade of a huge tree...and I came home fairly rested.

Though I did come home with a slight limp from one of my new pairs of shoes. LOL

So to recap the highlights, I ate, I drank, I saw some old friends and met some new ones and I sort of have something of a light tan from my pool time.

Oh...and for those of you who like these things...I got the cover for the November book! THE MAGIC OF A FAMILY CHRISTMAS is one of my favorite books! It's posted right below this.

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