Monday, March 8, 2010

NOLA's conference is wonderful!

My family thinks I'm a bit crazy. (Who's family doesn't think they're a bit crazy?) Friday, I boarded a plane in Johnstown, stopped in Altoona, flew to Washington, DC, then on to Dallas where I caught a plane for Shreveport, Louisianna...for one day at a conference.

Only a writer, someone who works at home, in her pajamas, with a cat as a best friend and confidante, can understand why someone would spend 12 hours in the air and in airports for a mere thirty-six hours with other writers!

Our lives really aren't boas and bon bons. Boas are itchy and my butt would be huge if I ate candy every day. But more than that the chance to actually interact with other creative people makes anybody who writes absolutely giddy.

Plus, industry professionals attend conferences. I spoke with Melissa Jeglinski, a former editor at Silhouette who is now an agent at the Knight Agency, Beth Miller also an agent from Writer's House, Laura Bradford from Bradford Literary Agency and Jessica Sebor from Bantam Dell.

Now, Jessica Sebor is looking for a project like one of my current projects, but all the agents I chatted with don't necessarily represent what I write. Still...The thing about conferences is you can bet your last dime that everybody you meet loves books. I can bring up just about any title or author and find myself in a stimulating conversation.

What a glorious opportunity!

So I'm back at my desk today, about to dive into the project that might just fit in Jessica's list. I'm happy, rejuvinated, filled with glorious, wonderful energy. In spite of the five feet of snow that's still in my front yard!

I also chatted with Sara Reyes of the web site Fresh Fiction! I'd heard of the site but, busy girl that I am, I hadn't had the chance to check it out until this morning. Imagine my delight when I skipped over and found a picture of myself with Peaches! What a great site!

But the real bottom line for the success of this conference was the wonderful people! I never felt alone. I immediately felt I was among friends. I talked about books and kids and writing so much that I've sort of lost my voice this morning.

The workshop I gave was well received. I very much appreciated all the thank yous!

So thank you NOLA Stars! In my book, you truly are all stars!


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