Friday, April 2, 2010

Gap between posts

The huge gap between posts was not my fault...Well, maybe a little. I had to migrate my blog to another something or another. I have enough trouble just getting myself to the proper place to blog. So migrating...was a say the least.

What have you missed in my life in the lost two weeks? Not much. Except the cholesterol-lowering diet has been successful in the weight loss department. At the doctor's I discovered I'd lost 20 pounds! I had blood drawn, so we can see if the cholesterol actually went down. (Please God!) My doctor reminded me that I'll probably have to stick to a low fat diet for the rest of my life, but I heard my swimsuit cheering in my bottom drawer, so that might be a good thing.

I finished the Christmas anthology for my release this November with the lovely and talented, Barbara Wallace. A BABY BENEATH HIS CHRISTMAS TREE. It's a very cute story. I think it might be one of my best. And we have the editors to thank for that. Specifically, my editor, Sally Williamson who worked tirelessly on this with me. She's a doll. And smart! (A great combo!)

I got the cover for my July release. When you're done reading this, scroll down. I posted it. I love the cover because it looks so Cinderella-ish, and this heroine truly is a Cinderella of sorts. She lost her prince when she miscarried their first child, then pulled herself up by her bootstraps and started a company to support herself after their marriage failed. She also works tirelessly for a charity that provides homes for abused women.

This heroine definitely deserves a happy ending. She also deserved that very nice book cover. I can hardly wait for readers' response to this book. It easily turned into one of my favorites when I wrote it, so I'm hoping it will also become one of yours!

Let's daughter got a job at a Starbucks, which the whole family loves! My youngest is about to have a birthday. And Miss Sophia has been able to go outside every day this week because Western Pennsylvania is actually having a spring this year.

You're caught up now. And my regular blog entries should be popping up again. So we're back in business. Monday ... or probably Wednesday...I should have great holiday stories to tell. I say Wednesday because Monday we're going to my husband's sister's for a little break.

Anyway, on Sunday I'll get to see all my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and all the people who congregate at my mother's for a holiday. We'll overeat, play poker and in general have a good time. So stay tuned. I'm sure Miss Lanie will do something cute. Jake will be adorable. Gavin and Owen will make us laugh. And maybe I'll win at Texas Hold 'em...or not. The whole concept of betting seems to escape me.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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