Wednesday, June 2, 2010


To say I have been busy would be a real understatement. But there's more to it than that. I've had some un-fun things happen in the past few weeks and I've never really figured out how to blog about bad things.

I'd much rather talk about good things. Like the drive-in. We are blessed in our small city to still have a drive-in. Sunday night we packed up the corn chips and headed out to watch Shrek 4 (I didn't see either Shrek 2 or 3 but found it didn't matter) and Ironman.

I like Ironman. I have yet to figure out why. But who cares? We were in the car with our corn chips and supersize sodas for which we paid a small fortune at the refreshment stand. The night was warm. Happy kids played catch and tag, while they waited for the movie to start. It was a good night. A good break.

On Saturday night, my husband and I went to the 25th wedding anniversary of one of my cousins and I saw cousins I hadn't seen in a decade. That was fun too. Odd to remember people one way and suddenly see them as a 10-year-older version of themselves. (I'm sure they said they same thing about me! LOL)

Friday night was Miss Madeline's ballet recital. That was interesting. Not only did we have to sit through 42 (I kid you not) dances to see her one little dance (though she was adorable. A more beautiful child does not exist on this planet, unless it's her little sister Lainie.) Anyway, not only did we have to sit through 42 dances to see one dance, but also there was no air conditioning. Sweat poured off us. Yet we eagerly waited to see our gorgeous Maddie in her pink and yellow tights. I get misty just thinking about it. In what will feel like 2 days she'll be graduating from high school, then college, then getting married.

Those things more than offset the crappy things that happened. And I'm not sure if you noticed or not but the common denominator in my three good times this weekend was family. First a husband who's nice enough, kind enough and maybe smart enough to see my ego had been stomped on and my spirit broken. So he took me to a drive in. A place where you have to be a real grumpy pants not to enjoy yourself. Then my cousins. Seeing people I hadn't seen in a decade really helped me to remember what was important in life.

Then Miss Maddie. Just starting out. Cute as a bug and graceful like no one else in our sort of klutzie family. She reminded me that life is short. Maybe a little too short to be stressed out and upset. So I came home and had some ice cream. LOL...Don't tell my doctor who is currently monitoring my cholesterol!


PS...MAID FOR THE MILLIONAIRE is now available on Amazon! Woo-Hoo! This is a great story. I can't wait for you all to read it.

Also, my newsletter will be up and available July 1. It is a book release month, so look forward to that!

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