Monday, July 12, 2010


This is from Elizabeth at Bellaonline. If you like romance novels and you're looking for some ontarget reviews, here is a link to her reviews.

This time out, I have the latest from Susan Meier, Maid for the
Millionaire (Harlequin Romance, received from author), first in a pair of 'Housekeepers Say I Do!' In the series starter, Liz Harper and her partner Ellie have a cleaning business called Happy Maids. Except that Liz is not very happy when the first job of her day presents her with her remote ex-husband standing nearly naked in the kitchen. Cain Nestor isn't all that happy about the situation either. He knows he screwed up their marriage and being reminded of it now doesn't make him feel any better about the past. Only maybe now he can make up for hurting her the way he did back when they were married. Liz knows better than to get involved with Cain again, no matter what her heart says. Their marriage started off perfectly, and then went straight downhill, and only a masochist would put herself through that again. Plus Liz has kept a secret all these years from Cain, and sharing it with him now can only make things worse. Except their paths keep crossing, and no matter what their best intentions, their emotions are bound to get tangled up again. Liz is a terrific heroine, smart and determined, and her pet project aside from work is fantastic. Cain thinks he can make the past right and move on, until he finds out about Liz's secret, and by then he's fallen in love with her all over again. Which makes him believe they can't have a happy ending. Make sure you have some tissues handy when you sit down with this one, as Ms. Meier is a master at getting her readers' emotions just as tangled up as her characters'. I'm borrowing four of Cupid's five arrows for this one. It's absolutely great!

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