Monday, February 21, 2011

Managing Life -- Or maybe juggling

I finished my hospice training last week. I know I'm really going to enjoy volunteering! The only problem is time management.

Oh, I'm fine with squeezing in a four-hour shift every week to work in the unit. It's invigorating and rewarding and the unit employees are some of the nicest, smartest people I've ever met.

I'm still having trouble managing my writing life!

I'm actually going back and reading the tips I wrote ten years ago when I penned THE TEN MINUTE SOLUTION! (If you're curious, go to the workshop section...the book has been divided into installments and posted for easy reading.)

Today I read the tip about breaking big tasks down into small ones...I tried it...and it worked.

Nothing like embarrassing yourself by forgetting your own tips!

So in the weeks that follow, as I work to get 4 books written and 3 prologues and 3 Happily-Ever-Afters posted for the BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM series, I'll be going back, reading my own workshop and trying to get my writer's life organized.

Hopefully, the tips will help some of you too!

Happy Monday!


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