Friday, January 27, 2012

For those asking about my schedule this year!

What am I doing in 2012?

March 2012 CAN THIS MANUSCRIPT BE SAVED New Zealand chapter!Registrations are now open. Here's the link 

April 2012 I will be doing my workshop LET CONFLICT TELL YOUR STORY FOR YOU for the STAR chapter. Go to:

April 19...JOHNSTOWNERS and surrounding areas...I will be at the Coal Miner's Cafe talking about how the publishing industry has changed and is changing!

April 27-28 I will be at the Spring Fling in Chicago doing CAN THIS MANUSCRIPT BE SAVED live.

In May 2012 I will be doing a workshop for Savvy Authors CONFLICT AND THE CATEGORY ROMANCE.

Jun 11 to July 8th, I will be doing JOURNEY STEPS for Savvy Authors.

October, SELF EDITING for the multi-genre group PENNWRITERS.

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