Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Down to Business

The wedding is over and I am now getting down to business with book #50.

The good news is ... my editor LOVED the proposal.

The bad news is... my editor got promoted and I won't be working on this book with her.

When I wrote for the New York office, I worked with one editor for 13 years. When she left to raise her children, I shifted to another editor. I had two editors in probably fifteen years.

Then I was transferred to London and I've been shifted around four or five 6 years.

It seems pretty jarring...but...

Interestingly, being shifted so much forced me to understand my line better than just what "my" editor was looking for. I had to learn the ins and outs of what made a Harlequin Romance a Harlequin Romance and then I had to figure out what makes a GREAT Harlequin Romance. ;0

It's good to please your editor. :) But understanding what makes a great story and being able to please everybody is better. I don't have any angst over this switch. I was also blissfully happy for my editor's promotion. She is a smart woman who deserves to move up the ladder of success.

Why am I telling you all this? In the past five years, I've learned some great things about writing romances. (I've written some new workshops to prove it. LOL) This after having published thirty or so books.

You're never too old to learn. Brian Tracy, in his tape series THE MIRACLE OF SELF-DISCIPLINE, says we should be learning all the time and that one of our goals should be to be in the top 10% of our field. I'm not sure I can aspire to the second half of that's kinda lofty...but I love to learn. I love researching new subjects and potential careers for my characters. I love to study grammar. (I'm currently rereading WOE IS I!...a grammar book that isn't boring.) I love to read and analyze every book I can get my hands on (and have time for).

I think we shouldn't just be focused on our current projects. We should see ourselves as a work in progress. How much can we learn? How good can we get?

Because learning is fun. Getting better is fun.

Happy Monday!


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