Monday, July 29, 2013


I'm one of those people who took her laptop to Nationals and tried to do revisions on a manuscript. Not even big revisions, more like ambitious tweaks.

When I came back from Nationals and read what I'd done, my nose wrinkled. Not that my efforts stunk...but, yeah, they did.

Time management lovers (myself included) can tell you a million ways to squeeze in another ten minutes of writing every day. Or we'll show you how to carve out blocks of time so you can write five pages, one page at a time, in between running your kids to soccer practice and dance class. We tell you to keep a notebook (small one) in your purse or pocket so that every time good ideas come to you, you can jot them down. I even recommend doing lists of twenty on the run, over the course of days, so that your bouncing brain can draw on multiple inspirations at church, the supermarket, a park, or people you find at those places...

But the truth is, there are times when you really need to focus. I can't proofread quickly. I like to weigh every word. But you can't weigh every word when you have a cat on your lap, supper simmering and your smart phone pinging away with new Facebook messages.

When drafting, I can write a page and then do dishes. Write another page and vacuum the living room. Write another page and feed the cat. But when I revise, or proofread, or even read for continuity and consistency as I'm writing, I need a quiet room. I focus. I sink into my book. I [sometimes] pretend to be one of the characters and experience the book from his or her point of view.

I give my book all of myself, my attention, my focus, my dedication, because when a reader opens my book I want HER (or him) to give it all of her attention.

So think about that this week. When a reader opens your book, she slides into your story. She focuses on your characters. She falls into your world. If you haven't submerged yourself into the book before her, looking for inconsistencies or things that might jar a reader...she will find the things you missed.


Happy Monday

susan meier


Julia Mozingo said...


Thank you for this post. It is exactly what I needed this week.

Is there a way I can subscribe to your blog, so I don't miss your words of wisdom?

I can't always remember to stop by in a timely manner.

I subscribed to the newsletter.



Susan said...

There is a subscribe to posts link at the very bottom of the page!

Glad you liked the was timely for me to remember too. LOL