Sunday, May 4, 2014

11 Things Certain To Ensure You'll Fail

I saw this article on Facebook...I gave it a bit of a new name. :) The real title is 11 Things You Are Doing that Will Always Make You Fail. I like the word ensure better.

Anyway...the link's at the bottom of the page. I want you to read this blog before you read the article.

I was shocked to see that I have a problem with two of them. #3 I chase perfection and #9 I spend money foolishly.

Who'd have thought that chasing perfection and spending money foolishly would cause me such grief. LOL But then I thought about it.

The authors of this article aren't saying that my love of goofy things on the internet will make me a bad writer. They are saying that foolish spending habits may prevent me from being rich. I can take that hit in the chin. It's probably true. God knows our mailman isn't happy with me lately. Not only do I get a lot of packages in the form of foreign copies of books...but now I'm ordering flavored coffees and low cost boots...But I digress.

The comment about perfectionism really slammed me. I thought...What now? I'm not necessarily trying to be "perfect" but I have standards. Are you telling me that working to get a scene "right" is a bad thing.

Yeah...Sometimes. I spent the last 2 weeks on 40 pages. That's not good when you have 2 books due before July 1. LOL  But it's also not good because I know that if I'd let myself get further along in the book, the answers to some of the questions bedeviling me about those 2 1/2 chapters would probably be answered.  So sometimes it's actually better to move forward when you still have a question or two. :)

Not because you don't intend to come back and solve them, but because wasting time isn't good.

So I printed the article. I intend to remind myself that no one is perfect and that I have deadlines. (And I'm hoping if I hang in on my monitor I also won't buy anymore silly things...)

Happy Monday

susan meier

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