Monday, June 16, 2014

Writing the Ending First

Last week I realized I was seriously behind in word count. So, I looked at my story board, seeking the scenes I knew well enough that I could draft them and know they'd fit, and I ended up writing my ending.

The next day I wrote the chapter before the ending. The next day I wrote the black moment chapter.

Writing the ending when you're desperate to get some word count so you don't fall behind is a smart thing to do. When we fall behind we tend to get overwhelmed and when we're overwhelmed we frequently don't write. We freeze. And then we really get overwhelmed.

So it's a good time management tools.

But there are other advantages, writing advantages that you might not have considered...

1.  Unlike the race to the ending you usually experience when you write chronologically, you don't have any "I'm-running-out-of-words" fear, so you don't skimp. I even wrote a few "lush" portions...Not all lush. LOL Readers usually read the ending quickly, so you can't overdo on words and sweetness. :) But it's good to know there is no restriction on what you are writing so you can give readers the solid ending they deserve.

2.  When you write the ending before the middle, you see how many words you've used, so you know how much real "space" you have to write your middle. :) If you use more words for your ending than you thought you would need, writing the middle might involve combining journey steps or cutting out lackluster scenes .... OR ... re-outlining so that you have a tighter story. But, that might actually be good. LOL

3. And...most important...When you really know your ending, you know what you're writing to. You know what the hero will say to the heroine to win her for good (or visa versa). You know what funny or cute "prop" you've chosen to make the ending cute or funny or heartbreakingly sad, so you can work it in. And knowing exactly what's going to happen, you can write to it.

Now...I can't always write my ending. Sometimes the story needs to be told chronologically...but when I can...It's great. It's a tool. It's an advantage. And it's a great way to beat procrastination. :)

Happy Reading...

susan meier

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