Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book progress

I had a heck of a week last week! I got myself to the midpoint of the draft of my next book. I already had 2 chapters written, but still...halfway...In one week. I impressed myself. =:)

I think the key to this has been having a thorough synopsis and a friend (Hi, Denise) who calls me every morning and simply says, "Stick to the synopsis."

Writers have a tendency to always believe a book can be better than the synopsis. Even when the editor gushes with praise over said synopsis. And if that isn't bad enough characters frequently want to take over the story.

It takes a strong consitution to sit down and say, Today I will stick to my synopsis, when you're not only arguing with your instincts; you're also arguing with the darned characters!

And, of course, the PERFECT idea for a new series popped into my head this morning. I jotted only a few quick notes because I seriously do not have time to figure out the story arch for the first book, let alone come up with stories for the second two books and a story arch for the series itself.

So it was a day today. Wrestling myself into submission on the book and dragging myself away from playing with the new idea which would have been tons more fun (I just know it.)

And all this happened while I made Chinese food for my son (frozen, from a neat little bag), washed dishes, did laundry, scrubbed the floors, fed the cats and did 35minutes on the treadmill.


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