Saturday, November 10, 2007

Princess Diary...November 10, 2007

I'm back from a few days of resting and reacquainting myself with my family after my week-long trip.

This week's Princess Diary is all about going on a diet...or maybe learning how to eat again. I started Gwen Shamblin's Weighdown Workshop. I had great success with this eating plan a few years ago and decided to try again. This time making the principles permanent. (I hope!)

What are the principles? Well, there are three main components to this eating plan. First, only eat when you're hungry. (What a concept, huh? LOL). Second, stop when you're satisifed, not when you're full. Satisified is very different than full...and once you learn this distinction, it will revolutionize your life! The third is to PRAY when you want to eat when you're not hungry or can't stop when you are satisifed.

There are no food restrictions. In fact, you're encouraged to eat what you're hungry for to stop the craving. You simply must stop when you're satisfied. That means no bag of potato chips...ten or twelve. A real portion size.

I started on Wednesday and had my first real success last night when we ordered pizza for supper and instead of eating 3 I normally do...I ate one!

This could be fun. (And might actually work)

What's on the bedside table?

Body butter. The weather is cold here in Western, PA and our furnace is running. So the air is dry. Skin needs super help this time of year, so body butter is a life saver.

I'm also reading Katie MacAlister's Ain't Myth-Behaving book from Pocket. It's witty and fun. Just the right thing if you're looking for something bright on a cold winter day!

Tip of the Week?

Start your Christmas shopping! Especially if you're a catalog shopper. Get your orders in so your gifts arrive on time.

Also...consider books for Christmas. With our lives as busy as they are many people don't have time to shop for books. Surprising someone with a book by a beloved author...or someone new...can reignite their passion for reading.

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