Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today Is My Birthday

Today's been an up and down day. Because it's my birthday, I got flowers, cards, emails, presents and lunch out...complete with margarita!

I also got a call from my editor. Normally, that would be cool, but she's leaving on Friday to have her first child next month. That's also pretty cool...LOL...except I'm really going to miss her.

A very important relationship exists between authors and editors. A good editor can keep an author firmly grounded. He or she can spot places in a book that can be made better. They spot themes that can be expanded. They also (thank the Lord) spot mistakes, problems, trouble spots. Suzy was really one of the best editors I'd worked with in my (too many to mentions) years with Harlequin!

I'm really going to miss her for the year she's out enjoying her first child. I wish her lots of luck and can't wait for her to come back! LOL

On a more fun note...I did notice that the pajamas my husband got me for my birthday look a lot like capris and tops. Almost like real clothes. I'm wondering if I've been scaring the mailman again.

We're only a few weeks away from the Pennwriters conference in Pittsburgh and about two months away from the release of MAID IN MONTANA.

Even closer is the May online workshop for Writes Online. I'm teaching Journey Steps Taking the Train To Somewhere. Odd title, good workshop. This class goes beyond the four or five major turning points of a story and talks about what to put "in between" those turning points!

That's the addy for more information.

I'm off now ... hopefully, for cake!


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