Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book In A Month

My editor doesn't often ask me to write quickly. She's been very good about giving me plenty of time to work on all my projects. But in order to accomplish all of our goals this year, I found myself needing to write a book in a month.

At first, I panicked. I was out of practice with writing quickly. But once I chilled out I set weekly page goals for both drafting and editing and suddenly I had a finished product in my hands.

I'd like to take credit for that. I'd LOVE to say being organized saved the day, but the truth was these two characters ran away with this story.

Liz and Cain had been married before. Three weeks after they eloped, Cain's brother had been killed when someone hit the car Cain was driving. He not only lost his brother; he had a boatload of guilt to deal with. Liz tried to hang in with him, but when she miscarried their baby she needed support he couldn't give.

Fast forward three years and Liz suddenly finds herself working as his MAID! In his grief, he threw himself into work and became incredibly successful. She's fairly successful herself. She owns the maid service his personal assistant hired for him, but Cain doesn't know that. Sparks fly when he admits he feels sorry for her! LOL

And I'm not just talking about angry sparks. These two had sexual chemistry like nothing I'd seen before.

It was an absolute joy to write the book. Which is one of the best things a writer gets to say!


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