Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I am sitting here in a state of shock realizing that technically we are at the end of summer. Oh, sure. We'll still have hot weather. But the kids are in school. The leaves are changing colors. And nobody's going to be swimming anymore.

I'm a big fan of fall, but this year just went by too quickly. My mother tells me that having years fly by is one of the first signs of old age. Here I thought it was forgetting where I put my purse.

I think having years race by is God's way of reminding us that time is precious. Especially time with our friends and family.

We're having a swim party at my sister Tammy's. And you better believe I won't waste a minute. This time next year Lainie and Owen won't be toddlers anymore. They'll be little kids. Maddie won't be toothless. Older kids will graduate. Even older nieces and nephews will have 21st birthday parties. Some will get married. Others will have kids.

It all seems to whiz by in the blink of an tomorrow I won't worry how fat my thighs are. I'll want to live in the moment. Take some pix. Maybe write a journal entry.

Because it really does all go by too fast.


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