Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big changes are coming!

I've always believed a website is a work in progress and as of today mine definitely is!

I'm restructing the front page a bit, but who cares, right? It's conent we all want to see.

So I'm creating a few new pages.

Happily Ever After, where I will post epilogues or scenes that take you into the hero and heroine's futures. So you get a taste of who they will be a few years down the road.

What Came Before, where I'll post prologues about the hero and/or heroine of a particular story to show you how they got to page one of the novel.

Shorts, which will be short stories that I'll write about secondary characters.

Workshops, where I will post appropriate workshops like my Goal Setting Workshop which I hope to have up soon.

And Looking for a Job. This blog will be a bit different. Because I probably won't be posting. Think of this as a public service blog where my niece Stephanie and my sister Tammy will share their joys and frustrations as Steph enters the workforce after college graduation and Tammy looks to re-enter the workforce now that three of her four kids are in school!

Should be fun. All of it should be. I've always hated giving up my characters too soon after a book is completed and starting their stories too late because most romances begin where the hero and heroine meet, yet a lot of potentially important information happens long before each book begins.

So check back. It's all coming within the next few weeks!


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