Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's up for next year?

I'm in the homestretch for my third book of the four books I'll have out in 2011. The first three are a miniseries about brothers who all have the same dad but different moms. It's lots of fun watching them grow together and become a family, as each finds his one true love. The first book in the series, out in April, is particularly wonderful...though book 2 is wonderful, too (LOL) and if I get myself in gear book 3 should be every bit as wonderful. ;)

But before I write book four (a Christmas book!) I've asked for a few weeks "off" so I can revamp my website and also write new content. I have a time management workshop and another writing workshop I'd like to post. But I also have some other things I'd like to add. Secret stuff that I think readers will love!

Authors don't get a lot of time to do fun stuff like that, though -- which is why I asked for the eight weeks respite. Writing is my fulltime, day job, so I'm luckier than most, but I still have housecleaning and family things, volunteer work and extended family. This week, it was Thursday before I realized I hadn't picked up a book to read and Saturday before I actually got time to read!

And that's not right! =;)

So if I get all my ducks in a row in the next few weeks I'll not only have a nice, organized holiday season for a change; I'll also have some great new content for the site.

And I'll be ready to write the Christmas book with memories of a great holiday swimming around in my head!

Stay tuned...


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