Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free? Really?

Yep. Free.

I spent a lot of years working fulltime. I've been a secretary, an office manager, a legal secretary, an executive assistant and even an advertising sales person. This doesn't count my fun jobs as a teenager.

If there's one thing I know jobs have in common...it's boredom. We all experience it at one point or another. Even worse, is boredom at breaktime. You sit in a little room, sometimes, if you're lucky, on a comfy sofa, but lots of times on a plastic chair. With nothing to do.

So when I was considering updates for my website, for some reason or another all that work boredom came wooshing back to me as a very bad memory =) and I wondered what I could do to help that.

I actually came up with three things. One is workshops. Because I know not every visitor to my site writes I put up 2 workshops that will interest regular people. One is on time management and the other on goal setting.

The second is short stories. These are found under the Happily Ever After tab, What Came Before tab and the Shorts tab. Lots of these will tie into books I have out or have coming out, but I'm writing them (especially the Happily Ever After) in such a way that they stand alone. You won't need to read the books.

The third update that might interest you poor bored workers (LOL) is a few updates in the Home Cooking section. Those will be updated monthly.

So, enjoy. Life's much too short not to have at least a little fun in your day. There will be a new story monthly (time permitting!) and it should take you a while to get through all the workshops! So check back.

Things should be hopping at susanmeier.com!


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