Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1 + new recipe

I'm actually excited about December 1 this year. My workload has finally been balanced out enough that I can work on next year's Christmas story and still have time to shop, bake and all around enjoy the holiday. I love working on Christmas stories, so I feel really blessed, but I also need some time to sink into Christmas carols, gifts, wrapping, cookies...friends.

So, yay! This December I'm going to have it all! LOL

Last night, we went out for dinner for my daughter's birthday. Guests were her friends and family...all of whom were young and enthusiastic and loved the Japanese steakhouse Sarah chose. I adore that food. Seriously, if we went there more than once a year I'd look like a tall keg of beer.

Today, I continue to work on the Happily Ever After story for the website. It's Brody's story and takes place six years into the future. Baby Claire from book 1 is six-years-old. Drew and Gwen's first child is now in her terrible twos and Gwen is pregnant again. But the real star is Brody and the woman who ends up being the love of his life. I won't spoil the fun, but I think it's a great ending to a cute group of stories about a fun family and a wonderful Christmas Tree farm. Look for that next week!

Until then, enjoy the snow if you're getting it! We are. Pretty white flakes that look like icing on sugar cookies.


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