Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DearReaders...It's Wednesday!

It's hard to believe that summer is over. Sure, I know that officially summer doesn't end until mid-September or so...but when mornings are cold, summer is over.

Because my summer had some bad spots in it, I think I started rushing things. If you go over to my ezine, you'll note that there are two CHRISTMAS STORIES highlighted. LOL

That's rushing things.

But, why not?

When things are crappy, why not jump ahead a bit to the season of love, forgiveness and giving?

I'm thinking about those things a lot lately because the book I'm writing is about an alcoholic hero who begins to interact with his ex-wife again when he learns they have a child.

This is a guy who doesn't just need forgiveness; he has to forgive his wife for not telling him she was pregnant when she left him.

He "gets through" by reminding himself that she left to protect herself and their child from a man (his former self) who was self-destructive. But he also simply lives in the moment. Can't change the past; can't predict the he lives in today.

As I'm writing about this guy, I'm thinking...he's really got it all together.

And maybe he does. And maybe it isn't such a bad thing to think about happy Christmas with its lights and gifts, goodwill and cookies, happy greetings and turkey...special dinners, parties, a sense of family.

So though it's not quite even September...scoot on over to the ezine and read some Christmas stuff. Make a cup of cocoa. Think happy thoughts. LOL

And if you're a writer, definitely scoot to the ezine. There's a great writing lesson.


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