Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If it's Wednesday...It must be Dear Reader Day

Where did summer go?

I just looked at my Hospice Volunteer Schedule Calendar Sheet and realized we're halfway thorugh August. My niece Carissa will host her summer breakfast on Wednesday and then next week the kids will be back in school.


Before you know it we'll be at Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas...then it will be 2012.

Sitting here, I'm trying to figure out exactly what I accomplished this year and I have to admit it hasn't been much.

Then I sort of turned that around. My husband retired this year. One of my best friend was sick. My kids are in weird places in their lives and sometimes I feel that I need to stop and ... well, listen. Especially to Michael, who is disabled and still lives at home.

When I started thinking about how much teaching I've done this year not just for RWA chapters, but also through this blog and my website, how much hand-holding I've done, how much downtime I've spent with my husband...I had to wonder...Does getting a lot done mean as much as ... well, having meaning in your life?

I sort of like having more meaning in my life. I certainly like spending more time with my husband.

So maybe life can't be measured in terms of how many books you get done but rather in terms of how many lives you touch?


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