Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DearReaders...A vampire trilogy. Have I come too late to the party?

Why is it that I get really perfect ideas for trending books two minutes after the trend train has left the station? LOL

Over the weekend, thinking about books as I celebrated the holiday with my husband's family, including two grilling sessions and a balloon fight, I suddenly realized a gaping hole in the vampire trend. There were no vampire books that had a certain aspect to them. And, oh my gosh, wouldn't THAT be fun to write?

I went to my bedroom, got out a notebook and before you know it I had outlined the arc for an entire trilogy. I even had book titles and detailed character profiles.

This does not happen arbitrarily in a writer's life. LOL!

So I stared at it. Really? Is Susan Meier, author of sweet romances, going to tell this tale that's something like The Terminator with fangs.

I can't see why not. Basically, if I take a pseudonym, I won't ruin the Susan Meier sweet romance brand. And even if no publisher would touch it with a ten-foot fiber glass pole because the trend is dying, there's always self publishing. LOL

Which leads me to ask the question...

Because we CAN write anything we want, with the catch-all safety net of self-publishing...should we?

What do you think? As readers, do you worry that your favorite authors are going to ruin their brands because there is no editor/publisher patrol to keep us from writing anything and everything we want?

Do you worry that your favorite authors won't produce as much of what you love because they can cheat on you with another genre?

Or are you stoked? Does it excite you to realize that your favorite authors will be able to branch out into other genres because there is no publisher slapping her fingers, saying, "Stick to your brand?"

It's all very interesting.


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