Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Has the Weeding Begun?

Last night I was in the mood to read a very specific kind of book. So I grabbed my Kindle and rooted through my "stack" but found nothing. I had lots of romance novels but none of the specific kind I was in the mood to read.

So I went to the kindle "bookstore" and began to browse through the top 100. Now, as most of you know, lots of Free and $.99 books are on that list, so I grabbed five. Spent about $2.00. Interestingly, I literally needed all 5 to find a book I wanted to read.

What caught my eye and made me shudder was that the story ideas were great, but execution...well, it left a lot to be desired. That sort of makes me sad.

Or maybe it just woke me up. I know the names of authors that I love in that genre. So instead of just generally searching, from here on out I'll probably look for my fave authors...and pay the extra few bucks to get books I know I'll enjoy.

I also know a lot of great authors offer their books for free or for $.99 for specified periods of time. I'll pay more attention when their offers come up.

Or pay the extra few bucks to get books I know I'll enjoy. LOL

When it became clear that anyone who wanted to publish could put his or her book up on Amazon, we all knew this day would come. We said, "How will we find the best books when there will be so many to choose from?"

Now we know. LOL!

Have a good Tuesday. I'm off to Chilli's!

PS If you're an author looking for this week writing post...scroll down. I just felt chatty today and wrote an extra blog.


Anonymous said...


You have me intrigued. what sort of book does a big name romance author like yourself want to read for pleasure?

Susan said...

The last book I truly read for pleasure was Hunger Games. Couldn't put it down.

But I'm also a mood reader. Sometimes I get in the mood for something with a western flair. I love vampires and werewolves. But I also love the science fiction stuff that takes place in a brave new world...very much like Hunger Games! Or anything by Linnea Sinclair!

I also read a lot of romantic suspense. I think RS is the perfect blend of romance and danger. Just the right tension to keep me intrigued!

Nice to see your pic, Shirley! Now when you turn in homework in the Can This Manuscript Be Saved class, I'll know what you look like!