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a lovely review for KISSES ON HER CHRISTMAS LIST!

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Since Rory Wallace’s wife left him on Christmas day, a couple years ago, for another man, he and his daughter, Finley, can’t stand anything to do with the holiday. With any luck this holiday season might be better since he is spending it in Pennsylvania looking over Raleigh’s department store with the hopes of buying it to add to his family business. What he doesn’t realize is that he might just get more in the bargain; a beautiful woman who is single and just a little bit sad on this holiday season.

Shannon Raleigh, a gorgeous divorcee’, is wishing her luck would change. She is hoping this Christmas will be a happy one. Her parents left for Florida after retiring from their business. Shannon took over her parent’s department store, but now she is saddled with selling it because her parents need the money to fund their retirement. In addition, she is single since her husband divorced her because she is unable to conceive due to female problems. What a rat! Her broken heart, coupled with the sadness over her parents moving to Florida, has left her empty inside. She hopes Christmas this year will be nice, even though she will be alone.
Father Christmas has dumped a surprise on Shannon’s doorstep a couple days before Christmas. Two feet of snow and two stranded people who need shelter for the night... or maybe longer, who knows? Shannon’s heart is startled and overjoyed at the same time. She wasn’t expecting Rory so soon. Maybe her luck is going to change after all!
KISSES ON HER CHRISTMAS LIST is a homespun tale of Christmas sweets and treats. A handsome man, Rory Wallace, offers to buy from Shannon her parent’s department store. Shannon is swept off her feet by Rory’s drop dead gorgeous looks. Kissing a man has never been so tempting from the moment Rory steps over the threshold of Shannon’s front door. She finds out that he and his daughter do not like Christmas. She is determined to infuse magic into the holiday to bring the love for the season back into their lives. The attraction between Shannon and Rory is instantaneous and crackles like a whip whenever they get close. Finley might be a diva when she first stays at Shannon’s house. However, it doesn’t take Shannon long to melt the little girl’s heart. The author, Susan Meier, does a divine job of portraying the magic of the holiday season and all of the fun and surprises that go along with it. This story is filled with love and lots of homespun charm. KISSES ON HER CHRISTMAS LIST is a story that will hug you and warm your heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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