Monday, November 26, 2012


I know. I know. It's not even January 1st yet and I'm telling you it's time to set goals!


Because really good goals, the ones you actually achieve aren't set on impulse. They are thought-through. They take your real life into consideration...all your roles. They have a deadline and they also require a plan.

But they also have to be something over which you have control. You cannot say...I will SELL a book this year because you have no control over that. Well, maybe not 'no' control. You CAN write the book. You CAN polish the book so it's the best it can be when it goes to an editor. You CAN investigate publishers and editors who would want the book. You can set a deadline for when you will SUBMIT the book...


Wouldn't those actually be better goals than saying you will SELL a book?

Actually, yes, they would be. The only thing missing in each of those steps is a date by which you would accomplish them.

You need a deadline for each of those goals because a goal without a deadline is only a wish. And if you're just wishing, then you're not serious. And if you're not serious, you're probably not going to succeed.

So if you're seriously considering taking the REAL plunge and writing and submitting a book this year...take a look at those four items above...Write book, polish the book, investigate publishers and editors, and submit the book. Give them dates/deadlines and you've got four good, achievable goals.

For those of you able to write more than one book a year...don't space the dates out so far. Know yourself. If you can write your book in four weeks, then give yourself four weeks to write a book. Give yourself a few weeks to polish, a few weeks to investigate editors and a deadline to submit...for more than one book. And you'll have your goals too.


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