Monday, November 12, 2012

Late today!

Some of you may have noticed that my Monday morning posts are getting later and later. I have no excuse except that I used to write these on Sunday night and lately my Sundays have been busier. Good for me since I like a little social interaction, especially if there's cake. Not so good for my blogging.

Anyway, today, I looked at my manuscript and had one of those "hummmm..." moments. It's due next Monday. I've got about 2/3 of the book written. Not a big deal since I can write the other third in seven days. (And I don't have an event next Sunday. :O) But that doesn't leave a lot of time for polishing...or even reading the whole thing through.

But I've been writing for such a long time that I realize you don't have to dilly dally. In fact, I can probably get three read-throughs done on this book this week.


Yes. I'll read (skim read) the first time through to make sure my STORY is intact.

The second time, I'll skim read again, but not quite so quickly because I'll be looking at my SCENES. Making sure they are good choices to illustrate journey steps, making sure there's conflict and making sure there are beginning and ending hooks.

The last read through will be slow as I look at word choices.

If you try to read your ms looking for ALL your errors in one shot, without having a goal of what you're looking for, it won't just take you forever to read your book...esp if you stop to fix and repair could also potentially make a mess of things.

Set your story. Then fix your scenes. Then go back and dabble with words and you won't worry that you'll change something at the beginning of the book that totally screws up something at the end.

So make your final read through three final reads-through. LOL Know your story before you start messing with scenes. Set your scenes before you screw with your words. And you'll be much happier with your final result!

Happy Monday!


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