Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, I'm late again with my blog. It made me wonder today if I shouldn't actually shift my post day to Wednesday! LOL

It's been a busy week. I've been working on several projects and today got a short (happily short) letter about the book I just turned in. Hopefully, I can find the boo-boos and inconsistencies found by my editor and copy editor and turn the book back into Sally quickly.

We also discussed the Christmas story I'll be writing for 2010 and a special book that I'll be working on next. It's too soon to give you details.

So my head as pretty much been in the business end of things. Add to that conversations on catawriters about agents and revisions and I'm thinking more logically than creatively.

I don't even have a halfway decent funny family story to tell. Unless you count the family breakfast we had this morning. It was smorgasbord. Because it's our last breakfast of the summer, my sister Tammy hosted it at her house and everyone brought a dish. We had some fabulous things like nectarine coffee cake, homemade fudge, sausages (I have to cook something and they come in a package and are very simple to prepare!) egg casserole, bagels...and lots of donuts!

My niece Lea and I are going to miss these breakfasts. Not because we love a good bagel, though we do, but because we enjoy the company. It's nice to have the relative peace and quiet of a Wednesday morning to have some eggs and catch up. Our lives are so busy and go in so many different directions that a Wednesday morning catch up is almost a necessity.

But school begins soon. Teachers and teachers' aides go back to work. And Lea and I might just meet Wednesday mornings at Grandma's. We'll bring the donuts!


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