Monday, March 7, 2011


Last week, I finished a book and turned it on Tuesday morning...via email. That is so cool and so convenient!

Wednesday morning, I could have rested. Lord knows, I wanted to. But I have a huge schedule of work this year. 4 books to write and about 8 short stories to go up on my website. Prologues for books I have coming out this year...and promotion for the Babies in the Boardroom series.

So I knew I couldn't rest.

I did the obvious things first, things on my to do list that need to be done. (Like taxes!) And completing the tasks for "obvious" things took most of the rest of the week.

But today I decided it would be Someday.

What's Someday? Well, have you ever looked at the things on your desk and said, "Someday I'm going to weed through that pile of articles?" or "Someday I'm going to organize my calendar?" Or someday I'm going to make lasagna...clean the closet...write an email to a long-lost friend?

On my Somday, I do all those things. Well, not all. I do the ones that pop into my head. On Someday, every time I think or say, Someday, I'm going to...I drop everything and begin the project, the letter, the lasagna...whatever.

At noon I have to stop "starting" projects because I usually need wrap up time. If I start something every time I think "someday" I can have between four and ten open projects by noon...and let's face it, it's not wise to have a "Someday" if none of your someday projects actually get completed.

So in the morning I start the Someday projects and in the afternoon I finish them.

Why do I do this? Because life shouldn't just be about the have tos or the urgent things. Life should be about the "someday" things. The things you want to do. Want to do.

Life is just plain better when you make those phone calls to friends, prepare lasagna, clean your desk...or whatever it is that calls to you.

So create a Someday. Do the things you want to do one day a month...or every six months. Just give yourself one good day!


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