Monday, March 14, 2011

To Structure or Not to Structure

Last week after writing about how much I like routine and order in my life, I walked around my house and realized my wonderful routine had really taken a hit in the past year.

First, my son was declared disabled. He has a seizure disorder which means he doesn't require constant care...but he can't drive and gets bored. So after I work in the morning, I drive him around and play games with him for a few hours to alleviate his boredom.

Then, my husband decided to retire. He has so many vacation days that he will lose if he doesn't use them, that he's been taking them in groups of three or four...and guess where he is...Right behind me, in the living room, watching TV. With the volume loud enough that the neighbors don't need to subscribe to cable, they can simply listen in on ours.

I seriously hadn't realized how much this had disrupted my life until after last week's post, but once I had I realized something had to change.

And you know the cardinal rule about chance, don't you? You can't change anybody if somebody's got to's you! LOL

What did I do?

1. Reinstituted by 6:00 am wake up. I'd gotten away from that because ... well, let's face it. It's lovely to sleep in. But, being a person who likes routine not having a regular wake up time is a recipe for disaster. Plus, if my husband and son want to play Wii or cards from noon to suppertime, then I had better get my work done before then.

2. I set a regular time for supper. No more of this, we'll eat when we're hungry. Having to cook something quick five times a week doesn't merely make me also results in dinners that are too high in calories.

3. I made a to do list from my calendar. Really? You need a to do list AND a calendar...sometimes. Yeah. LOL

So this is the beginning of me getting back on track. It worked really well for the past week. I feel as if sanity is returning. Let's see if I can keep it up (translation: Keep my husband and son working with me).


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