Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday must be time management tip day!

I had a really bad week last week. And I have a book due in a little over a week, so today's time management tip is going to be simple.

Set goals.

Goals? Really? How is that a time management tip?

Close your eyes. Stop and think about how many times you did something pointless last many times you wasted time. I'm going to guess lots.

My theory is that people don't waste time because they enjoy tossing their life into the trash bin one hour or one day at a time. We waste time because nothing pressing is nudging us forward.

Goals will nudge you. Goals will also force you to organize. They will guide you and direct you in creating to do lists. They will force you to look at your days, weeks and months and find spaces of time that you can use to accomplish the wonderful thing -- goal -- that's driving you.

So...if you don't have goals...daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, one-year and five-year goals...set some.

If you don't know over to my website page. There's a nice little Goal Setting workshop.

Take charge of your life, instead of letting it run roughshod over you!

Happy Monday!


PS...THE BABY PROJECT has been released! If you've read the book and you're intersted in book 2 of the Babies in the Boardroom series, SECOND CHANCE BABY, there's a prologue up on my website. It's in the WHAT CAME BEFORE section. It's a wonderful little scene that didn't make its way into the book, but gives you a great snap shot of Nick Andreas!

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