Monday, April 25, 2011

Time Management ... How You Say It

This morning I got up knowing I had to write sixteen pages. I slogged down to the kitchen, made coffee, watched the news, played with the cat. Obviously, avoiding my work. LOL

So I sat down to write a time management blog and read over last week's blog on goals...(still procrastinating) and it hit me. If I say, "I have to write sixteen pages today..." I procrastinate. If I say, "My goal is to write sixteen pages today..." I want to sit down and write those pages to accomplish the goal.


I've been studying things like this for years and I've long recognized that sometimes how you say something is as important as what you say.

For instance, if you say writing is hard, you will probably avoid your computer all day (except to read email). But if you say, I enjoy the challenge of writing a good scene and today I have a doozie of a challenge ahead of'll be more apt to go to your office to accept the challenge.

At least I will. Because I've clicked in with something in my psyche. It's almost like I've turned the key of my internal engine. I now WANT to work becuase I like a challenge.

I think everybody has different buzz words, different things that motivate them. I love to be challenged. Maybe you don't. Maybe you like the excitement of a new scene or the sense of accomplishment when you're done.

Whatever rings your bell...hone in on it. Figure out the words that motivate you and use them. If you like a challenge, call your day a challenge. If you like excitement, call the day's work exciting. If you like a sense of accomplishment...remember that you don't get that sense unless or until you have an accomplishment.

That actually takes us a a great time management tip called linking emotion. But that's next week's post!

Today, figure out your buzz words. Figure out what makes you want to work and use those words to motivate yourself. Because the best time management occurs when you actually get to work.

So motivate yourself!

Happy Monday...


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