Saturday, April 2, 2011


This was supposed to go up last Monday...Since I missed it, I intended to post it next Monday...but today I decided to compromise. We'll post it on Saturday!

Okay...We hit the highlights of Motivation last week, talking about how we all need to be motivated to get anything done.

But another powerful force is vision.

How do you see yourself? Or maybe better asked...Who do you see yourself to be?

Are you a mom first, career woman second? Are you an empty-nester, looking for new breath of life for the second half of your life? Are you a lawyer? And nothing else?

I ask that because people who define themselves by their careers frequenly have shallow personal lives. (Ouch! That's not good!)

Conversely, people who describe themselves as a mom first might find themselves mothering their co-workers. (Equally not good, if you work in an environment where co-workers don't want to be mothered!)

You must have a balanced vision of who you are.

I'm a wife and mom, writer, sister, friend, teacher. I put writer third because I have to make a living. That has to have a high priority, but it really shouldn't come before wife and mom.

Still, there's more to vision than that. When I close my eyes and see myself this summer, I see me at the beach. Why? Because I love the beach, but also because I know we cannot afford a beach house unless I get my tail busy and write!

So that little 'ol vision is a good one to get me to sit down on the chair and write. I loves me some beach time in the summer. But I don't get it if I don't work.

But there's vision beyond that. Some times you have to create a picture in your head of who you would be ideally. If your life were perfect, what would it look like?

I see myself in a cherrywood kitchen, dressed in a suit, reviewing notes, about to go to a conference to be a keynote speaker.

But I don't stop there.

I see myself getting on the plane...sometimes with my husband traveling with me. Sometimes with my husband and son traveling with me. I see us laughing at the airport and on the plane. I see us arriving at a cool hotel, everybody eager to either get to the pool or go sightseeing.

Then I see myself giving a really wonderful keynote speech. In that speech I talk about what it takes to be a successful self-employed person. I talk about budgeting. I talk about not hyperventilating when the big offer, or you've-made-the-NY Times-list call comes. I talk about dedication to wonderful, powerful writing. I talk about devotion to really great characters. I talk about loving and appreciating the readers and never shortchanging them.

And when I run that vision in my head several things happen in my heart. Yep. My heart. First, I do renew my dedication to my readers. Then I feel really good about the fact that my husband and son support me...because they do. Then I really, really, really WANT to write.

That vision energizes me. That vision renews my spirit. And that's why it's scripted the way it is. That vision is designed to remind myself of my duties and responsibilities, even as it shows me some rewards.

But more than that, it reminds me of what is possible -- if I work hard, if I remember who I really am, what I really want to accomplish.

That's the power of vision.

So if you have a little spare time this morning, close your eyes, picture a perfect day, picture yourself being the person you really want to be. Don't forget your family. But if your vision only focuses on family, don't forget your career.

You are not just a mom/dad, wife/husband, doctor, lawyer, writer, or secretary. You are a full person. You should be balanced. Your vision should reflect that.

And trust me, if it does, if you can create a vision that emcompasses who you will be able to look at the vision when you're not quite as eager to be a writer (or mom, dad, sister, secretary, writer, doctor) and your vision should encourage you!



Shannon J. said...

Thank you! You've been bookmarked and RSS-ed :)

Susan said...

Thanks. I reread this post myself this morning to motivate me! LOL!