Monday, January 14, 2013

Extra Content

I read an article this morning that discussed the benefits of extra content. "Extra content" being informational things you post on your website that connect you to readers.

Besides more work, what does this mean to you?

Well, probably nothing.


Because as wonderful as it is to have extra content on your many people actually go to your website?

More than that, though, how many books do you have AVAILABLE? Right now? If it's under ten...actually my current research is showing that if it's under 20...your time is better spent writing.

Or learning to write. Which is probably why you're here on a Monday morning. LOL

So, if I'm telling you extra content is WONDERFUL as long as it doesn't interfere with getting lots of books out there to satisfy your rabid fans, I should give you a bit of writing advice. goes.

I very rarely talk about subtext. Most of us have trouble getting our "text" to work. LOL So we shy away from even thinking about it. But subtext weaves its way into our work whether we want it to or not. LOL Mostly because subtext is a part of showing not telling.

What do I mean? Well, if your hero says, "Let's get back to the hotel," and slides his hand intimately down the heroine's back to the small of her back....we pretty much know what he's got on his mind. If we're in his POV and we hear her say, "That sounds like a great idea," but she stiffens, we know she is either afraid of what he has on his mind or disagrees with what's on his mind.

That's subtext...the what's really going on the scene.

If you stop thinking of subtext as being some big, evil thing you have to learn and just start showing reactions and actions, subtext will take care of itself. :)

Happy Monday


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