Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Perogi Making Day!

I'm sort of Slavish. I say sort of because I'm half Irish. And given my red hair and freckles (and gift of gab) the Irish part seems to get more air time. So sometimes I neglect the Slavish half of my heritage.

But when it comes to cooking the Slovaks have it hands down. If it's doughy, breadlike and/or has cheese they have a version that'll make you fall to your knees and thank your maker.

For generations my husband's mom's family had a tradition of eating peroghis on Christmas Eve. I'm not much of a cook, so when his mom got too old to make the peroghis, he learned how. And let me tell you, he is a master.

So last month when my sister came over to help me make nut filled cookies to give as Christmas gifts, we decided to meet again in January to make peroghis. My husband will be our instructor and I will bring the wine.

We're hoping to make a tradition of "cooking once a month" because we both work from home. In the winter, working from home can be lonely! You don't realize how much you miss other people and inane conversation until there are none in your life. LOL

So today we're getting together to do a little cooking, share a bit of wine, and chit chat about our kids. Janette's girls both live away and my son and daughter also moved about a hundred miles away. The Johnstown area isn't famous for having jobs. :) We'll tell each other stories of Christmas and our kids' jobs and school work. And we'll both come away with a nice haul of peroghis. Not a bad deal.

Next month, I'm suggesting gobs -- whoopee pies to some of you. That's another thing people love to get as a gift. They freeze well and they taste divine.

So I'm off to cook. Wish me luck...

Oh, and, btw, my February book THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY SOS is up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It's the last book in the Larkville continuity series for Harlequin Romance. When Clay Calhoun dies, his daughter finds a letter from his FIRST WIFE, a wife his kids didn't know about, telling him she's pregnant with twins, and they realize they have two half siblings. The stories center around bringing these two families together. One's from Texas. The other from New York city! Tons of fun. I hope you'll check it out.

Happy something fun today! Call your sister. Make some peroghis!


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