Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For Readers

We've been having so much fun with our Writer Mondays that I've sort of neglected the "reader" end of this deal. So this week we start Reader Wednesdays.

So if you're a writer, rest assured, we won't stop having those fun Monday blogs that chit chat a bit about this craft we love.

But readers need love too! So I'll be posting a blog for them every Wednesday.

Here goes...

I'm preparing to go to the RWA National Conference next week. It's a biggie for me because I finally get to meet my London-based editor, Sally Williamson.

So, I want to look nice.

Which means shopping.

I'm not a fan of shopping. Usually, I have to bargain hunt and I don't really need many things anymore anyway. So I look at everything with a jaded-eye. Hum? Do I need this? Where will I store it? What will The Rat (my husband...strange nickname, nice guy) think of this purchase?

Usually, it's too much trouble to buy I end up coming home with nothing.

But shopping for conferences is a whole different ballgame. I do not look at prices. I want to look nice, so whatever fits and makes me look pretty...Well, it goes in the cart...or to the checkout counter.

I get help. If a clerk is foolish enough to say, Are you looking for anything in particular, I snag her. And she's with me while I try on 50% of the clothing in my size.

I go to every store imaginable because when it comes to dressing for a conference I'm picky.

I dedicate a day to underwear. We all know how important the right undies are when you're trying to look your best.

I dedicate a shopping day to jewelry. (That's just for fun. Who doesn't want a whole day to weed through bobbles and sparkly things.)

Actually, I have an entire week I dedicate to underwear and accessories. Shoes. Purses. Undies. Jewelry. Panty hose. (Yes, some of us still wear them.) Hair clips. I spend hours staring at nail polish and get a pedicure.

Then there's hair dye day. A holiday for me. I get up early, drink coffee, a little TV...In other words, I don't work! I buy a starbucks coffee and spend two hours at the salon chatting with my sister (my beautician) and the other clients...and go home refreshed.

It's like I store up all the shopping and primping a girl would do for an entire year and do it all in the two weeks before a conference.

But the end result is that I typically look a few steps beyond clean. I don't look down in a workshop and curl my toes because in all the hustle and bustle of conference shopping I've forgotten to cut my toenails! LOL

I have the right color hair. A purse to match every outfit. Jewelery that sometimes caues passersby to say, Hey, nice necklace.

And that leaves me relaxed enough that I can enjoy the conference. Meet other writers. Have fun with my editors.

So that's what I'll be doing next week. A blog will pop up...I'll probably write it on Sunday. But while most of you read it I'll be have the most fun week in a romance writer's year!

Hope this Wednesday finds you comfy and happy...and reading!


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