Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Great Review for BABY ON THE RANCH from Donna at Cataromance

At last, Cade’s story, the third Andreas son to meet his match…"

Suzanne Caldwell was raised in a wealthy Atlanta neighborhood and attended college until her grandmother’s death and the avalanche of debts put her and her daughter out of their home and on the road to Texas, looking for a job. She was shocked to discover the man she traveled to Whiskey Springs to find, was the same cantankerous coot questioning her about her intentions in “his” town. Rather than embarrass both of them, she told him she wanted the waitress job at the diner where the confrontation occurred. How could she tell this irritatingly handsome man she held one third of Andreas Holdings’ stock but they didn’t pay dividends and no one wanted to buy them from her so she needed a job in the family business?

Smart citified Suzanne makes Cade’s business sense twitch along with his libido. When he finally found out what she was doing in his town, Cade immediately called a family meeting. His brothers recruited Cade to smooze Suzanne and take care of her like family until they could raise the money to buy her out. Meanwhile, she is living in his house with her daughter and both are driving Cade crazy. He can not resist the cute darling baby nor her beautiful mother but he doesn’t deserve either one because he is not marrying material, his first marriage proved that.

Be still my heart, Cade Andreas does not disappoint. He is as devilishly handsome and gregariously generous as his brothers. And of course he has met the love of his life in the heroine, Suzanne, the mysterious co-owner of Andreas Holdings. (Now, I wonder what the story is behind that?) Award winning author Susan Meier keeps her readers all hot and bothered as she creates one hunky hero after the next in this delightful series, Babies in the Boardroom. A BABY ON THE RANCH may be the final book in this series but to help your withdrawal pains be sure to check out Meier’s website; she has written stories about what happens to the Andreas babies in free reads just for us! Muchas gracias Susan!

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