Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm at Nationals...But...

If my guess is correct, I'm probably sitting in a coffee shop right now, either chatting with a friend or reading on my Kindle. (Or waiting for a friend while reading on my Kindle.)

I ADORE the Kindle. Like most people who love books, I resisted the urge to buy one...but Oh heaveny day, when my husband bought me one for my birthday and I downloaded free books, I nearly swooned.

My son and his girlfriend got me an Amazon gift card and I loaded 25 books on. Quickly. Easily. And they go with me everywhere I go. It doesn't matter what I'm in the mood to read...I have it. Even the Bible.

How cool is that?

Ebooks are typically a tad cheaper. And there are bargains. Lots of authors or publishers run specials on their books and if you're watching you can get lots of great titles for $.99.

And...I can change the size of the font to whatever is comfortable. At night I can make it the size of my thumb and read without straining my already tired eyes.

So, loving my Kindle. Probably at Nationals reading it right now!

If you get the chance...get one. Or a Nook...or whatever Ereader suits your fancy!


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Mad Romance Writer aka Rox Delaney said...

Gifted myself with a Kindle before Christmas. Now I wonder why I held out that long. LOVE IT! Wish I had more time to read the books on it. :(

I KNOW you're enjoying conference. Maybe someday we'll be there at the same time. LOL