Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm back from Nationals...

Sorry to the writers among us! I missed posting something on Monday. Tired. Seriously. Hard weekend aftter a long 5 days at Nationals! =:)

This is going to be a difficult and interesting month for me. Not only do a I have book due the day AFTER I'm leaving for vacation, but also today is the second day in participation of THE BIGGEST WINNER. It's sort of a takeoff on THE BIGGEST LOSER. We have 50 romance novelists and 50 readers working to lose weight. We're in teams who share information and encouragement. And we're competing for a prize. Sadly, it's not the lump sum of money THE BIGGEST LOSER winner gets. I could really get on board with losing weight for that. Writers seriously do not make a lot of money! Any influx of cash is greatly appreciated. :)

So why do I want to lose weight? Have you seen my pictures LOL? Seriously, if I gain much more weight I'm going to explode.

But the truth is I don't want to lose the weight as much as I want to get back to good eating habits. I genuinely believe the accountability of a group like this will help.

So there's going to be another blog posting. Mondays will still be for writers. Wednesdays will still be for readers. Fridays will now be Losin with Susan days, as I blog about the experience of trying to get myself back on track with my eating habits!

I'm sure some of both groups, my readers and my writers, will appreciate these blogs. I can sometimes be profound when it comes to self-discipline.

One last thought to the readers...Thank you for helping A BABY ON THE RANCH become a top seller!

Those who liked the BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM series will adore the Montgomery Moguls duet I began to work on the week before Nationals. Once again I have two tasty heroes with some family problems they need to work out with the help of smart heroines. I worked on Max and Kate's story this morning and, seriously, that guy makes me shiver he's so ... hot. And cool. LOL

So come back on Friday to hear how the diet is going and meet me here next Wednesday for a little more about what's going on in my writing life.


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