Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If it's Wednesday, it must be reader day

I made an amazing discovery this week!

Harlequin has digitized some of my Silhouette Romance backlist. Not all. My favorite series, BREWSTER BABY BOOM is NOT yet available.

But the TEXAS FAMILY TIES series, including IN CARE OF THE SHERIFF, THE RANCHER AND THE HEIRESS and GUESS WHAT WE'RE MARRIED has been digitized under the Treasury program.

The TEXAS FAMILY TIES series revolves around three foster children taken in by a grizzled old rancher Angus McFarland. Angus is rich enough to take in the kids, and smart enough to put them to work, teaching them the value of hard work, but also giving them a chance to find out who they are.

The first foster child Ryan Kelly ends up becoming the town sheriff. He's put in charge of beautiful Madison Delaney, a witness in a burglary trial. Madison had refused protection, but the DA is a friend of Madison's and secretly tells Ryan to keep an eye on her. When she's attacked, he grabs her and her baby and takes her to a private cabin to protect them. It's a cute story about a guy who thought he wasn't husband material discovering he's BOTH husband and daddy material! LOL

GUESS WHAT, WE'RE MARRIED is actually one of my all time favorite books that I've written. And, considering I've written close to 50 books, that's saying something! LOL Grace Wright is the only one of the foster kids Angus adopted. He adopted her because she was the youngest when she arrived on his doorstep. She's a sweetie as a child who falls in love with the poor, bad boy neighbor and actually runs away and marries him. The marriage immediately falls apart -- so immediately that they don't even have time to tell anyone they ran away and got married -- and they never get a divorce. Fast forward ten years. She wants to marry someone else and has to get gorgeous Nick to sign divorce papers. She wrecks her car on the way and loses her memory. When Nick comes to pick her up at the hospital, she doesn't remember him, but assumes they're still married because he takes her to his house. He only does that because Angus and her "brothers" are out of town and can't be located. (Couldn't write this book in this day and age with cell phones! LOL) So, she and Nick spend two weeks together rediscovering each other and falling in love again. But when Angus comes home and her memory returns she's furious--I won't tell you the rest. It's just too good of a book to miss!

And what about THE RANCHER AND THE HEIRESS? This is the one with really sexy Caleb Wright, Grace's brother. When Angus's real granddaughter comes to Texas for financial help, Caleb is furious. Angus's real family has ignored him. Now when the chips are down they want money? Oh. No. Not as long as Caleb breathes. But Alexis is heir to half the ranch, Caleb the other. And he's stuck working with her.

It's a fun read. I won't lie and tell you it's rocket science. It's just fun.

So those are my first three digitized books. Fun stuff from Silhouette Romance. Those of you who enjoyed my lighter stories will love them.

Go to Amazaon and B&N and check them out!

Happy Wednesday. I'd better hustle my butt to my laptop and get to work on the book that's due 8/1 -- since I'm going on vacation 7/31! LOL!!!


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